Apr 2nd. 2014

A year of Honey Club love


In the interest of giving you the biggest heads-up possible, we’ve put together our complete programme for events for this year. Even though it’s already April there is still plenty to get involved in. We’re really excited about what we have planned for all you bee-lovers this year and we hope you are too. Here’s a more detailed run down:

Twilight Gardening
This is a new addition to the proceedings – a monthly opportunity to get making at Global Generation’s Skip Garden. No longer will you have to wait for one our events or workshop if the bee-friendly inclination takes you, but can now get hands-on at one of these sessions where you’ll get planting, doing, making (and eating!) once a month alongside other like-minded folk in Kings Cross.

We have one more workshop for this year in the form of Nature Calls – an opportunity to understand the health benefits of having a bit of honey in your life. Limited spaces for this one so get talking to your Honey Club ambassador for a spot!

Big events
Two big juicy ones that will be happening towards the end of the summer. Our first is Bee-topia – an illustration event with a difference. We’re partnering with some insanely talented people to work with us and the young people at Generation to put on an exhibition to imagine the Honey Club coined term ‘Bee-topia’ – a community or society possessing highly desirable or perfect qualities for bees an human beings. Prints will be auctioned off to the highest bidder keen to have some unique art for their urbanite dwelling.

The second is the Honey Club Foodie Fest – details still need to be worked out but it’s likely to involve food with honey in it, on it, with it… just a guess.

Beekeeping courses
Starting very soon we’ll be offering the chance for some more keen Honey Clubbers to get a practical introduction into the art of apiculture. They’ll be two courses staggered across the summer when the bees are out and about, and there’s plenty to do and learn from. We only have a few spots so get in touch with your Honey Club ambassador quick to nab a place!

There you have it. Lots of things to get involved in and we hope to see your lovely faces there.
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