Feb 7th. 2013

Finding the Queen


I was told to look for a dot on her back. She is one of a kind, unique and crucial is what Brian said. She starts off the family and helps create the super organism. He was telling us about the Queen Bee, the male drones and the female worker bees. Everything from how they are born to what they would do on an average day.

Seeing the bees was amazing, I didn’t know whether to be scared or cherish the moment. I cherished it. That was the middle of summer and then a few months later in the middle of the winter I found myself flagging down a black cab, for the first time in my life. Global Generation was launching a new Honey Club in Angel and I had been asked to speak. I sat in the cab contemplating all the possibilities of what would happen when I reached my destination …would I stutter? would I choke up?

I arrived with only a few minutes to spare. Dropping my bag on the first stool in sight I walked on stage to give my speech. I was so inspired, looking around me at all the Honey Club’s potential business members, the words came rolling out. I just wanted to tell them about the wonderful things that I experienced. I was so glad afterwards … I think I even inspired myself.

And now Global Generation is about to become home to another 100,000 bees who will inhabit our two new beehives in the Skip Garden . I look forward to hearing how other young people respond to their journey with these incredible super organisms. – Lilienne, GG Generator