Jul 11th. 2012

Great things happen when people come together

Saturday morning the weekend of the London Festival of Architecture arrives in Kings Cross, the stage is set and we are ready to build this Ger. To start off the day we had heavy rainfall as expected in a British summer. But that didn’t dampen our spirits andthankfully that was the only threatening rain throughout the day. The focus of this festival was development for positive community impact and we did that by inviting the community to our roof to work with us to fill in the empty half with something practical and appealing alongside our roof garden.   


Simon, local architect and the brains behind this idea, showed us the concept of the Ger and how it functions by bringing in his own wooden wall that he’d mocked up. It looked very simple and achievable in a short time; we would later find out that we were wrong.

Our first task: measure and saw the wood. All our participants were divided into three groups ensuring everyone worked with someone they usually don’t work with.  The fun part was sawing the wood but before that exciting process we had to figure out all the angles and measurement of each drilling point to assemble all the parts together – one inch too wide or few centimetres off the point and the whole stick would need re-measuring or replacing, not as simple as we thought in the beginning.  

Bolting and assembling was the real challenge. We faced issues such as mismatching bolting points and figuring out which stick needed aligning with the other stick. But with the right measurements, bolting the two pieces of wood together was a stroll in the park.   

Throughout the day we had curious visitors from the general public that were eager to help us out with our project andmost of the time were surprised by what they saw happening in front of them.

What made this a successful day was that everyone worked in perfect harmony and had one common goal: complete the structure before night fell. Working together also made everything much easier and more efficient. Thanks to everyone who helped make this such a successful day.