May 27th. 2015

Guest Blog from the Wolff Olins Rooftop Garden

Stu, the Wolff Olins Building Manager, Beekeeper and Garden Keeper extraordinaire on the flora and fauna thriving on the Wolff Olins roof.

“Spring has sprung and the growing season is well under way. We have been growing seedlings in our grow house and then planting them out .

Last Friday we planted out beans that had been in the grow house as well as doing a fair bit of weeding and maintenance.

Our two potato crops are growing well and are due to flower soon. And as soon as they have died back we can harvest them !

Today was more weeding as well as planting carrot seeds.

The next two crops to be planted out from the grow house will be cherry tomato’s and beans.





The flowering plants we have on the roof , Poppy’s and Strawberry plants, have been attracting honey bees as well as bumble bees and the hairy footed flower bee (Anthophora plumipes)

In order to provide food for honey bees and bumble bees we now let some plants go to seed.”

Stuart Robertson, Wolff Olins