Nov 25th. 2012

Honey Club Angel?

Honey Club Angel

We are looking to grow our community of the Honey Club. After 1 successful year of launching and running Honey Club Kings Cross we are ready to grow the model and launch another Honey Club in the Angel/ Islington area.

We hosted a joint event on 22nd November with Global Generation and Urban Bees at the new building for Edward Cullinan Architects (thank you so much for having us and taking such good care of our needs on the night) inviting guests from the Islington council and local businesses who are interested in the Honey Club and what it could mean for them.

We filled the space with information about the different aspects of the Honey Club – our events, the website and handbook, our products and a display by the Generators using imagery of their involvement in the Honey Club. We also had a great display of imagery projection mapping onto boxes of the Honey Club story so far.

Projection mapping

We had several speakers on the night to talk about the themes and great things about the Honey Club. Jane from Global Generation highlighted the people involved (we are all really special!). Kara, who is one of the generators talked about how the Honey Club has given her the access to businesses she would never have known before. Lilienne, another one of the generators talked about how much she learnt about bees and just how important they are to our lives and the ecosystem as well overcoming her fears of being stung. Brian from Urban Bees explained the aims of responsible beekeeping and bringing people together to learn. Neridah from Wolff Olins talked about where the idea came from and that we had set out to create something with long term roots and a legacy that’s connected to the community and members Berni from CSM and John Stuttle from The Guardian talked about how the Honey Club events and knowledge has shaped the outlook in their businesses.

We were all treated to the delicious food of  Chef Susie Moss who created a fantastic menu of honey themed foods.

Lovely food

A rather poignant quote was made by Jane from Global Generation, which really highlights that we are on a journey and as we make connections, we will keep growing and making positive impact, she said:
I was delighted to find in a book that Edward Cullinan Studio put out for the launch of the space, a quote that for me speaks to the spirit of this evening and why we are all here, it’s by Richard Simmons and is about our connectedness which can be seen in DNA which evolved about 3.4 Billion years ago … he writes:

Whilst immense diversity has evolved in response to changes in the living world at the chromosomal level lies a continuity which links us inextricably with our ancestors and with what is alive around us…

and it’s this connection, and the awesome fact that flowers, bees and all of us are all related that the Honey Club is all about – it took a long time for us to be here, 13.7 billion years and we’re just getting started in learning how we can really collaborate and create a positive future together and this is what the Honey Club is all about…

Many thanks to everyone who helped put the event together and we look forward to meeting more people who can join us on our journey.