Mar 15th. 2014

More impact, more fun The Honey Club 2014 strategy

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It’s been just over three years since we set up the Honey Club. The first year was more about setting up – we ran around like headless chickens asking ourselves constantly: What is this thing going to be? How’s it going to work? How can we have the most impact?

Year two got even more mad. We actually stopped thinking and started doing – pitching to local businesses, running events and workshops, getting a website up and running, writing a handbook, designing our identity, managing our community – putting together the nuts and bolts of the enterprise to make sure it was as well-oiled-a-machine as it could be (in light of it running along side the ‘day job’).

Year three was a different beast altogether. We felt like we had the day-to-day down, so it was time to experiment – we set up Bee Lab, did an installation at King’s Cross filling station, dipped our toe into retail and tried to set up new hubs elsewhere in the city.

With that medley of activity behind us it was time to think what the future of the Honey Club was going to be. It was time to get focused, do more for our community, remind ourselves about why we’re here and make the most of the incredible opportunities springing up right here, on our doorstop in King’s Cross.

With that in mind, welcome to our the Honey Club’s 2014 strategy!

To keep us honest, we’ve set out the following commitments for 2014 to make sure that what we do is still very much…well… very ‘Honey Club’.

Deepen our roots in King’s Cross
Embrace the exciting opportunities that King’s Cross has to offer and make our impact as local as possible

Open up participation
Define new ways for people to get involved – from individuals to schools!

Put learning right at the heart
From our events to our products, make sure we’re giving people the knowledge and tools to be more bee-friendly

Supporting our young people to grow
Give the Generators even more opportunity to grow, develop and have a voice in the Honey Club

Nurture honey foodies + green fingers
Focus our activities on food and biodiversity – themes that are the most supportive of the bees, most loved by our members and align with the King’s Cross development agenda

We’d love to hear your thoughts so if you have one or two, why not drop us a line at:

Illustration by Hiromi Suzuki. We miss you.