Feb 6th. 2015

My life as a bee

HC_bees 01

What goes on in the life of a bee? I recently had the pleasure of reading through some extracts from the Young Genorators at Global Generation’s Big Bang Summer School, who’s aim was to talk about exactly that. Here are a few of my favourites!

I am a bee, I wake up in one bright sunny day when the sun shimmers on my bright black and orangey-brown striped coat and lightens up my transparent wings like glass. I am amazing as I am determined to find patch of flowers so my mates and I can get some sweet nectar and pollen to bring back to our hive. I am wonderful as I have strength to travel far and wide to find flowers. – Azizah aged 11

Bees are intelligent because they vibrate the hive to be able to talk with other bees. Bees are hairy so they can be able to attracted to pollen. Bees concentrate and focus on making the hive and they have strength to be like this. Bees are clever because they communicate with flowers just by using their smelly and tiny feet. Bees are heart breaking because they sacrifice their life if you dare just to perfect their honey. - Maryam, age 10

I wake early every morning to get to work. I sore through the sky like I have no responsibilities. I brush myself off with the wind, a morning shower then I get settled and begin my daily life as a honey bee. However, every morning when I wake up I realize my life is on the line. I am willing to make that sacrifice at any given moment. - Abdirahmah, age 11

I’m a bee, another miraculous creature making life easy for humans. I’m unique and intelligent, as no one can produce the delicious honey like me. I buzz as I stand on guard protecting my queen and my hive. If you dare to come close be sure to be stung. Finders keepers is not the game I learn to play but if you ask nicely, I might share. - Aliya, age 11


Emily Cooper, Wolff Olins