Apr 30th. 2013

Sweet bake off

With all the ambition (but none of tension) of the great British Bake off we gathered in the Wolff Olins kitchen for our first Honey Club event for 2013. Mentored by Wolff Olins’ resident pastry chef and beekeeper, Nick Roberts we learnt how to bake a series of sweets things using honey as a key ingredient. Divided into teams, we mastered baklava using a honey syrup, cupcakes with bumblebees for decoration, honey comb parfait, florentines and peanut honey toffee.

Some of our younger attendees had this to say about the evening.

Wasima wrote, “my evening at the Honey Club was an amazing experience. We got to work in different groups and make a variety of delicious food out of honey – Honey Bee Cupcakes, Honey Florentines, Honeycomb Parfait, Baklava and Peanut Honey Toffee. They all tasted divine and we got to take them home in a small takeaway box. We even learnt some interesting honey facts like honey burns fat!”

This was Lily’s take: “You don’t have to be observant to tell that she has witnessed horrors; the look on my mum’s face when I ask her if I can bring a friend round to bake is comparable to that of someone who has just been warned of an incoming hurricane. Therefore, arriving home with a box of professional looking and delicious treats, I was thanked suspiciously for my generosity – spending all my money in an expensive cake shop. To be in the situation where you are ‘not telling the truth’ about the origins of your baked goods is not uncommon. What is rare is to pretend that your beautiful, painstakingly crafted and exotic baklava are shop-bought. However, aware of my reputation, I waited until the food was finished (not long at all) to burst the bubble and admit that I had made the Honey Florentines with the Honey Club in the kitchen at Wolff Olins.

Cooking in a professional kitchen with a lovely group of people made for a really fun evening.

We are now all incredibly knowledgeable about honey and I have been allowed back into my kitchen with no catastrophic effects (yet!).”

It was a real treat to share the evening with so many lovely people and learn some new skills, and taking home a box of goodies was even better.

Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a great event.

Neridah Leembruggen, Account Manager at Wolff Olins