Aug 17th. 2015

The Honey Club Launches The Kings Cross Bee Trail

What a great way to connect the people in the King’s Cross area with their urban bee neighbours. The Kings Cross Bee Trail created by the Honey Club partners is a fun way to get across a big message.

Our urban pollinators need places to live, eat and work, just as much as the human inhabitants of the new King’s Cross area.



By using the app and walking the trail visitors will see the plants that have been designed into this new urban landscape and learn how those spaces have been carefully designed for our enjoyment but are also important for bees and other urban insects. By taking part in citizen’s science and counting bees at some of the stops along the trail, people can start to understand how urban areas can provide a rich source of food for a variety of bumblebees, solitary bees and honeybees and are valuable habitat for wild bees and other pollinators to flourish.



This is good for us because the bees pollinate while they feed. This is a valuable and necessary service that the flowers need and can’t do themselves. The bees fertilise the flowers to produce seeds, fruits and nuts which are vital food for many more urban dwellers who we share our cities with, including song birds, squirrels and other insects.







The Honey Club is a collaboration of effort and by effectively working together (and with many supporters across King’s Cross) it’s produced an app that not only raises awareness about bees and adds to our knowledge of what bees are foraging in the King’s Cross area, it will help to create more bee friendly neighbourhoods in other cities.

We have already been contacted by people in other cities, here and abroad, that want to know more about the bee trail app and how they can do more back home to help bees and other pollinators.

We, at Urban Bees, are very happy to be part of the King’s Cross Honey Club and promoting the bee-friendly message far and wide.


Brian McCallum, Urban Bees

Photography by Alison Haigh