Dec 15th. 2012

Wax Lyrical event

Wax Lyrical poster design by Lyli, one of the Generators

It’s cold. Christmas is on the horizon but not close enough. Christmas shopping is an ordeal to be survived rather than a pleasure. And agonising over the Christmas wishlist becomes a painful exercise in trying to balance what you want and what you really need (the former usually trumping the latter).

So, in the face of this Christmas shopping frenzy, the Honey Club community decided to retreat to a more restorative form of festive activity – a wax craft workshop led by Central St. Martins students to make crayons which doubled up as Christmas decorations and gifts.

Hosted in Global Generation’s new yurt complete with a wood-burning stove and mulled wine, the evening was the definition of hearth and home, enticing any Christmas grump into finding their inner festive fiend.

Incredibly, Croyola make 2.5 million crayons a day. In the absence of comparable machine power and time, we concentrated our efforts to make three crayons and some fancy packaging to wrap it up in.

We were split into two alternating workshops on crayon making and packaging, each led by product design students from Central St. Martins.

Using our very own bees wax, we melted it down and combined it with resin to stabilise it. When it was completely melted we added the coloured pigment to the liquid wax and poured them carefully into rubber moulds. For each mould we made individual string hooks that would harden in the wax and could be used to hang up the coloured wax shapes as decorations if desired.

The result was a tray of coloured wax gems that were perfect as crayons, decorations and gifts.

We then made a simple packaging concept using cardboard, string and tissue paper.

And there you have it. Effortless wax craft that anyone can do and enjoy.

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