May 8th. 2014

When Generators became art directors

Phaidon workshop_01[1]

We’re enthusiastic Honeyclubbers here at Phaidon Press; we’ve enjoyed candle making, honey tasting and baking with honey sessions in the past year, and last year a few of us ran a session for some of the Global Generations young generators which saw them coming into Phaidon’s Kings Cross offices (a very short stroll away from Wolff Ollins) for a ‘zine making workshop.

Last week Sarah Boris (Phaidon’s design manager) and myself (senior publicist) had the pleasure of running another workshop for the Generators – this time a graphic design session over at Wolff Ollins with WO’s own Sara Nasralla and Ben Gibbs. Seven young people, accompanied by Rachel and Silvia from GG were guided through the design process, from creating a brief to selecting images and fonts and coming up with their own slogan. The Generators took to the task enthusiastically and were bone fide art directors by the end of the session!

The goal of the workshop was to design a new poster to attract other people aged 13-19 in the local area to Global Generation, developing a visual language for the flyer with their specific audience in mind. The first stage was a good old magazine session, looking through lifestyle and design publications for inspiration, with each of the Generators picking out examples of graphic design that particularly appealed to them and explaining why they liked them.

From there we moved onto a discussion of branding and brainstormed ideas for a strap line to feature on the finished flyer. We (almost!) all agreed that “dump your ideas and creativity at the Skip Garden” was a strong statement for the poster – intriguing and clever play on words and the mission of Global Generation – giving young people opportunities to play a part in creating a sustainable future. Turning to the existing marketing flyer used by GG gave the Generators a chance to exercise their critiquing skills at which they excelled, being the target audience! By this time everyone had strong ideas about what constitutes successful visual communication and by the end of the session we had all the building blocks of the poster in place. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

Orla Houston-Jibo and Sarah Boris, Phaidon Press